2021 Summer Scholarships

AWIS Georgia is proud to offer scholarships for

K-12 and college aged students to participate in

STEM immersion experiences during

Summer 2021!


Whether you are a first-time camper or performing research at a local university/college, we want to help offset costs associated with...






Other (case-by-case basis)

Math and Geometry Tools


using the form provided below.

Deadline: Friday, April 30, 2021

Examples of items eligible for financial assistance include...

Tuition/fees for a

K-12 STEM camp or collegiate research opportunity

Travel expenses necessary for participation in the STEM activity (gas, train ticket, bus fare, etc.)

Lunch and/or other meals occurring during the STEM activity

Equipment or supplies required for the STEM experience

Incidentals, such as mandatory ticket purchases for STEM demonstrations

APPLICATION: 2021 Summer STEM Scholarship
Note: This form must be completed by an individual 18 years or older. Please be prepared to provide additional documentation upon request, including but not limited to demographic information, event registration confirmation, proof of tuition payment, supply receipt(s), etc.



  • Applicants must be current residents of Georgia, and actively enrolled as a K-12 or college student in good standing.

    • Preference will be given to applicants who clearly demonstrate a financial need.

  • Any STEM immersion experience included in the application must be located in Georgia.

  • Scholarships are typically awarded up to $100.

    • On a case-by-case basis, AWIS Georgia may consider requests above this threshold.

  • Only the following expense types will be considered for financial assistance: tuition and fees, supplies, meals, travel, and/or other ancillary costs necessary for full participation in the STEM experience/camp.

  • Funding for approved scholarships may be paid directly to the designated STEM activity provider, billing organization, or scholarship recipient following submission of all requested supporting documentation.

  • AWIS Georgia will only consider complete applications. Missing information will result in issuance of a letter of denial. If an applicant is denied, the individual may immediately re-apply with a complete request.

  • The scholarship application deadline is Friday, April 30, 2021, at 11:59pm ET. All eligible, complete submissions will be reviewed by the AWIS Georgia Executive Board, after which award recipients will be notified in May 2021.

  • Upon notification of scholarship approval, awardees are expected to provide AWIS Georgia with a "thank you" note/email and personal photograph to be used in AWIS Georgia's online presence.

  • Scholarship recipients are also expected to join and interact with AWIS Georgia social media communities throughout Summer 2021.


  • Please note that due to limited funds, AWIS Georgia may not be able to approve all scholarship requests.

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